Rissa Barton-Conway

My name is Rissa. I was two years old when my father, Thomy, created Accountable Communication Technology and founded his consulting business with his partner, Don White.

I was raised in a radically accountable environment.

I was raised to own my experience and go for what I want. I was also raised not to blame others or myself, but instead, to look at what my role was/is in creating my work situations, experiences, relationships and life. Due to this unusual lack of blame towards others and a high sense of self-empowerment, I have routinely found myself in leadership positions throughout my life.

As young as I can remember, I was treated as if I was capable of handling myself, others, and anything that came my way. My father was different in other ways, too. He would frequently ask my brother and me what we liked about him as our dad and what we didn’t like. He said he had never been a dad before, so he was just learning. It seemed to matter as much to him that we were truthful as much as whatever we had to say. Growing up in an environment where feedback was not only OK but actually encouraged, I was inclined to say what I liked and didn’t like about anything. From that, I learned I was more likely to get what I wanted, whatever it was, by being open about my experience and what I wanted. I was not told to be fearless, but I was taught to be afraid and do it anyway. This is how he taught me to trust him, myself, and openness.

My everyday life has been an organic progression to my present life/career as a full time Accountable Communication Technology Consultant. Facilitating ACT feels natural because accountable communication is how I live every day of my life and how I have always operated in business –resulting in incredible creativity, collaboration, efficiency and personal freedom.