The continued use and application of Accountable Communication Technology is designed to achieve an Accountably Conscious culture within an organization. The sum of accountably conscious employees is an accountably conscious culture, which in turn yields the most effective organization possible.

When an Accountably Conscious culture is reached, it is characterized by the following:

  • Employees taking 100% responsibility for their awareness, attitude, and behavior (especially defensiveness), while at work. There is no blaming of one another, themselves, or circumstances. The status of any relationship with a coworker or associate is understood to be co-created. No one plays the “victim” card.
  • Employees are transparent in all interactions and communications.
  • Employees feel ownership for the maintenance of the organization’s culture and expect every other employee to behave accountably at all times.
  • Triangulation (gossip and backstabbing) is not tolerated. Employees talk to one another rather than about one another.
  • Employees give feedback spontaneously and continually, realizing that the quality of all that goes on in the organization is their business and integral to success.
  • In an Accountably Conscious Culture, the New Agreement is lived, rather than the Usual Agreement.

All our products and services are designed to develop an Accountably Conscious culture within your organization. Accountable Consciousness as a way of doing business is in a class of its own.

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