ACT Trainings

Accountable Communication Technology (ACT) takes your team or organization from

  • fear of feedback to seeking direct, in person feedback
  • sugar-coating and watering down to getting real with one another
  • blame to accountability
  • talking about each other to talking directly to each other
  • “scared stiff” to fluid, enlivened optimal performance
  • “business as usual” to extraordinary capacity
  • victim thinking and behaving to self-empowerment
  • fear of others (especially bosses) to open, supportive relationships


 Accountable Communication Technology (ACT) Trainings

 To establish accountable communication requires a very challenging kind of change. It begins with a thorough assessment of the defensiveness within the team, group or department, using self-awareness and group feedback sessions. This reveals how much time, energy and money are presently being spent by everyone to maintain their defenses.

Overview of an ACT training

  • 4-5 day off-site for group size of up to 20 participants
  • Uses Element B, F & S psychometric feedback instruments
  • Extensive, facilitated pairs and group feedback sessions
  • In-depth experience of the Steps to Accountable Openness
  • In-depth understanding of your own defensiveness and its costs
  • Accelerated trust building, relationship and team bonding
  • Deals with traditional fear of authority figures and “the boss”
  • Includes ACT training and self-development materials

The 8 Hour Accountability Workshop

 This session is designed to give a thorough experience of the breath, depth and empowerment of Accountability. The session is interactive, and usually described  by participants as “the low-down” on empowerment and “invaluable.”