Marlena McGrath

My name is Marlena, owner of Marlena McGrath Consulting & Coaching LLC.  I am an international leadership consultant, coach, and speaker. My focus is on helping individuals, teams and leaders cultivate the mindset and skills that are required to build non-defensive, trusting and collaborative relationships, using Accountable Communication Technology®.  Transparent relationships with ongoing feedback are the foundation of the work I do. When accountability replaces blaming, human energy soars and coworkers inspire one another. They genuinely care about their work, coworkers and the organization. This always yields optimal employee performance and extraordinary business results. 

I have been coaching clients regarding career, life, wellness and performance challenges for over 20 years. I am a recipient of a collegiate scholarship for Volleyball, Track and Field. 

I have been a General Manager in a seventy million dollar company before becoming Vice President of Employee Engagement for 1600 employees.

Certified in The Human Element®, Radical Collaboration® and Practitioner of Accountable Communication Technology® with the founder, Thompson Barton since 2014.

 I am on a mission to help people achieve the extraordinary empowerment of Accountable Consciousness.