Marlena McGrath

Prior to joining Accountable Communication Technology (ACT), as a partner, I enjoyed a 27 year career in the wellness and spa industry. My career included being a General Manager with $6 million P&L responsibilities and later becoming Vice President of Employee Engagement for the 1600 employee company.

In 2013, as the company’s ACT initiative began with our Executive Team, I soon saw ACT’s potential to transform the entire company culture and advocated for the implementation of ACT programs across the organization beginning with our 200 team leaders. Internally and externally the impact of the training was positive and profound. The leaders were much more effective. Their new courage and confidence were infectious for their respective teams. Production of timelines and commitments improved financial bottom lines. Employees retention improved by 35%. And new-hire attraction to the company increased exponentially, thus saving in human resources budgets.

Throughout my tenure as Vice President of Employee Engagement I received extensive coaching in the practice of ACT directly from the founder, Thompson Barton.

I facilitated internal conflict resolution meetings and individual Continuous Improvement plans. Over my five year involvement, ACT proved pivotal in moving this organization to higher performance and financial benefits.

I have in-depth experienced in all areas of management, from operations, customer service, general manager to Vice President. As a versatile college athlete at Boise State University, I remain committed to facilitating business organizations departing from business as usual and attaining transformation of their cultures and thus organizations using the truly extraordinary technology of Accountable Communication.

In 2014 I also became a Licensed Human Element Practitioner, from which ACT began its evolution in 1990.