Don White

I am a 1963 Naval Academy graduate, and joined Procter & Gamble’s manufacturing division in 1967. During my 26-year career at the Baltimore soap plant, I held nearly every management position in the plant, both line and staff. This was a time of transition for the 50-year-old plant. This traditionally managed plant was struggling to compete with P&G’s newer, high-performance, non-union facilities. In the course of leading this transition, I discovered material developed by Dr. Will Schutz, an eminent psychologist, designed to develop individuals and teams in organizations. This material and the associated applications proved pivotal in turning the plant from a traditional, highly conflicted, rigidly structured factory with marginal results into a high-performance plant which competed successfully with the best of P&G’s newer, non-union facilities. I used my remaining years at P&G to spread the technology that had proved so successful in Baltimore to other P&G locations, and in 1990 I began consulting with Thompson Barton. In 1993 I retired from P&G and joined Barton White Associates, Inc. full time.

My clients have included: The Coca-Cola Company, Dial Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Shell Oil Company, James River Corporation, Fort James Corporation, Ivex Packaging Corporation, Microsoft, Mini-Grip/Zip-Pak, Drill Doctor, Barcodes West, Printpack, Rexam Metallizing, Garlock Sealing Technologies, Multicolor Corporation, Barclay Dean Construction, Allpak Container, Rhinelander Paper Company, Raytheon Aircraft Company, Raytheon Aircraft Service, and Packaging Dynamics Corporation.

In addition to providing initial training in Accountable Communication Technology workshops, I provide follow-up coaching at all levels in the organizations, from the CEO to the hourly teams.