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In 2000, we began using ACT. It's a winning combination.

We are as rigorous about Quality Relationships within our entire workforce as we are about our product quality. People issues are addressed immediately, as are technical problems. 

I, myself, would not work here if the culture were other than accountable. Darex is well known in this area for its outstanding culture of accountability. That is a business advantage in a tight labor market like ours.

CEO, Darex Manufacturing Company

In the thirty years that Burke Williams has been in business, the conscious implementation of ACT principles as a core value in our business has been the most impactful decision that most improved business efficiencies. At its core, accountable communication has elevated the quality and efficiency of interactions between employees and thus our ability to adapt and respond rather than maneuver.

Owner and President, Burke Williams Spas

As a first-year surgeon at this practice, I can't say enough about the positive impact of ACT on the work environment. Having just emerged from ten years of training at various academic centers, and having witnessed firsthand the significant fallout (and sometimes complete implosion) caused by fear, withholding, and unresolved interpersonal conflicts, the contrast couldn't be clearer. ACT equips and empowers every employee in the practice to give and receive feedback, solve their own problems, and take responsibility for their own success and happiness. There's no way to place a value on the problems avoided and the productivity gained.

MD, Medical Eye Center


The more often you choose the courage to be accountable, the more you- and not your fear- control your life and inspire those around you to do the same. Are you up for that?